Lightweights & Gentlemen + Live

Entirely remastered Deluxe Double Edition includes previously unreleased material.

Lau redefine how a trio can sound, arming themselves with both highly original repertoire and superb takes on traditional material. What strikes you is their fearless appetite for improv, some tunes dig deep into a wild array of genres taking in their influence from around the world and spitting them out in a near perfect folk -pysche stew !

Lau’s sophisticated arrangements add genuine emotion to their instrumentals whilst Kris Drever’s singing on the three songs included, “Butcher Boy”, “Unquiet Grave”and “Freeborn Man” match any song on his classic “Black Water” album. Lau have also won the BBC Folk Award for Best Group 2008,2009 and 2010, setting a new bench mark for innovation within instrumental and traditional music.

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